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April 24, 2010 turned out to be the perfect day for an "anti-car" show in 
Guthrie, Oklahoma!
A light rain shower made a few folks that probably didn't have any business at an SK event run away like rats from a sinking ship?
400 hot dogs and hamburgers were served to anyone that stopped by within three hours after SK TWENTY TEN officially started at high noon!
Jeff Flury (Pear) brought his latest ride!
The SK TWENTY TEN swap meet was small but everyone, buyers and sellers were happy.
The much anticipated debut of Ludd Lentz's super cool deuce roadster happened in Guthrie, Oklahoma at SK TWENTY TEN! (rain and all!)
SK top hands Sue Green and Ruth Dickinson served 400 meals in three hours!
Custom Autos by Tim's A-1 Hands Rodney Tauer and Juan Arvizu cook for 400!
Hard to say how many cars showed up for SK TWENTY TEN as it was a come and go as you please event? The general consensus is 300 plus?
Scott Hirzel and Trey Bolding brought Harold's 55 by and stayed for a few minutes!
(Sorry Scott, it is still Harold's car to many people!)
"Brother", consisting of super duo Rob Rish and John Lord played some of the best tunes ever heard at any car show in Logan County during SK TWENTY TEN!
Rob (left) is an old school gearhead that has a shop located in South Logan County called "Diamond R Auto".

John (right) is a promoter that lives in Choctaw, Oklahoma.
Helen Machtolff sold her Cutlass at SK TWENTY TEN for $15K and only spent $20!
Kyle Ambrose (KA Cars and Stripes) Call 405 612-2656, a pin stripe expert!
Randy and Cindy Sullens Nova, Randy and Cindy made SK TWENTY TEN happen!
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Guthrie resident Jason Tauer takes home a wad of cash after winning the 
50/50 pot!
The best "cop" that ever was on patrol in the history of  Guthrie....
Mike LaNoy was the only officer nice enough to stop by and talk to the crowd!
Drew Miller and the gang from Blacktop Motorsports of Stillwater made it!
Some 89'er leftovers stopped by on their way home to OKC.
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